Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Summer Save the Date Cards

If you recently got engaged and are planning to tie the knot this summer, there is still time to send out Summer Save the Date Cards.  Typically Save the Dates are sent out six to nine months before the wedding.  With about 85% of couples giving family and friends a heads up with a save the date, this practice has quickly become an expectation.  And with the busy summer months of family vacations as well as everyone being spread out these days, Save the Date Cards are really a must to ensure all your loved ones can attend your big day.  We have selected a few of our favorites, but be sure and visit our Save the Date page to find all your options.

Photo Save the Dates - "Floral Corkboard"

Summer Save the Dates - "Rustic Rendezvous"

Save the Dates - "Vintage Garland"

Save the Date Cards - "Kids at Heart"

Summer Save the Dates - "Pinstripe Blossoms"

Summer Save the Date Cards - "Floral Vine"

Summer Save the Date Cards - "Vintage Florals"

Summer Save the Dates - "Rustic Bouquet"

Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 Wedding Invitation Trends - Letterpress Wedding Invitations

The elegance of Letterpress Wedding Invitations is back this wedding season and is right on point for sophistication and sheer luxury. Letterpress is the art of pressing right into the card, leaving an imprint and then filling it will color to add style and creative flair.  We have selected a few of our favorite Letterpress Wedding Invitations that truly depict all that is grand about this printing style.  Most of all these can be customized with the color scheme of your choice creating personalized wedding invitations that is sure to make the first impression of your dreams.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations - "Floral Delight"

Letterpress Wedding Invitations - "Inside Edge"

Letterpress Wedding Invitation - "Alluring Style"

Letterpress Wedding Invitations - "Parisian Promenade"

Letterpress Wedding Invitations - "Good Together"

Letterpress Wedding Invitations - "Love Letterpress"

Letterpress Wedding Invitations - "Fancy Filigree"

Letterpress Wedding Invitations - "Affirmation"

Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 Wedding Invitation Trends - Formal Black & White Wedding Invitations

The classic color palette of black and white is on trend this wedding season and is bound to make wedding days glamorous and elegant.  It just never goes out of style and continues to be used in new and creative ways that make it a personal day for the couple.  With the color combo comes the overall feel of a formal wedding and this theme is extremely popular right now.  Even down to asking guests to dress in what is called "Black Tie" or men in tuxedos and women cocktail or evening gowns.  Setting the tone for this theme is extremely important and Formal Wedding Invitations are a must.  Black and White Wedding Invitations keep to the palette and with beautiful flowing fonts stay on trend.  We have a few of our favorites, but be sure and visit our Wedding Invitations page to find all the options.

Black and White Wedding Invitations - "Treasured Love"

Black and White Wedding Invitations - Black Ribbon

Black and White Wedding Invitations - "Sheer Wrap"

Black and White Wedding Invitations - "Midnight Passion"

Black and White Wedding Invitations - "Prints Charming"

Black and White Wedding Invitations - "Midnight Enchantment"

Black and White Wedding Ideas - "Dressed to the Nines"

Black and White Wedding Invitations - "Blooming Flowers"

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rustic Save the Date Cards

Rustic Save the Date Cards are the perfect way to introduce your wedding style to family and friends.  Not only that, but with around 85% of couples sending out Save the Dates, it has become practically etiquette to ask guests to save the date for your wedding day.  And really it only makes sense with everyone keeping hectic schedules and being spread out around the globe. Save the date cards are truly the best way to ensure everyone that you want to spend your special day with will be there.  Enjoy these and find all your options on our Save the Date page.

Rustic Save the Dates - "Rustic Woodgrain"

Rustic Save the Date Cards - "Rustic Sign Post"

Rustic Save the Dates - "Round 'Em Up"

Rustic Save the Date Cards - "Carved Initials"

Rustic Save the Date Cards - "Country Spirit"

Rustic Save the Dates - "Shady Wood"

Wood Save the Dates - "Etched Tree"

Rustic Save the Date Cards - "Rustic Band"

Monday, January 12, 2015

Gold & Pink Wedding Ideas

Gold and Pink are timeless wedding colors that create a magical day for family and friends.  There is just something so elegant about this color palette that is not only soft but also rich and glamorous.  The best way to set the tone for this combination is by sending Gold and Pink Wedding Invitations.  We have selected just a few of our favorites with a lighter shade of pink, but there is always room to go darker and have a more dramatic contrast between the colors.  We also have a few other ideas to get the planning started.  From the cake to the decor to the fabulous bridesmaid dresses, these ideas will make your special wedding day unique and memorable! Enjoy!


Gold and Pink Wedding Invitations - "Tapestry"



Gold and Pink Wedding Invitations - "Sheer Spun Gold"



Gold and Pink Save the Date Cards - "Brilliant Ombre"

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Graduation Announcements

Graduation is such a special time in the lives of those individuals who are completing their education as well as for the families that have helped support and encourage them along the way.  Sharing the news of this great accomplishment with others is the best way to celebrate.  Graduation Announcements arriving at friends and families' homes can truly make their day.  We have a great selection of announcements including Photo Graduation Announcements as well as traditional High School Graduation Announcements.  Here are a few of our favorites, but be sure and visit our Graduation page to find the perfect one for your graduate!

Graduation Announcements - "Fanciful Frame"

Photo Graduation Announcements - "Rustic Look"

Photo Graduation Announcements - "Stylish Tassel"

Photo Graduation Announcements - "Diamond Deluxe"

Graduation Announcements - "Dramatic Style"

Photo Graduation Announcements - "Filigree Flip Book"

Photo Graduation Announcements - "Natural Style"

Graduation Announcements - "Cool Geometrics"

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Wedding Invitation Trends - Pocket Wedding Invitations

Pocket Wedding Invitations continue to be a wonderful choice for inviting friends and family.    With matching enclosures and the stylish presentation of the pockets, they are sure to make the sophisticated first impression that couples are looking to achieve.  And the great thing about these Pocket Wedding Invitations is that they come in various shapes, colors and sizes so that finding the perfect invite is made easy.  We have just a few of our favorites here, but be sure and visit our 2015 Wedding Invitation Trends page to find the entire collection and the wedding invitation that fits your big day. 

Pocket Wedding Invitations - "Monogram Flourish"

Pocket Wedding Invitations - "Wedding Day Grandeur"

Pocket Wedding Invitations - "Elegant Dotted Flourish"

Pocket Wedding Invitations - "Evening Rapture"

Pocket Wedding Invitations - "Treasured Love"

Pocket Wedding Invitations - "Retro Circles"

Pocket Wedding Invitations - "Thermo Style Avenue"

Pocket Wedding Invitations - "Pattern Play"